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New Earth is a small homegrown family operated business that is dedicated to making clean and natural handmade personal care products....because commercially available products just aren’t cutting it.

It all began with a nano sized zinc sunscreen that made us sick, moisturizer that turned out to have plastic polymers in it and insect repellent that contained a neurotoxin....and we were supposed to put this on the ones we love!

This is an exciting time when people are beginning to demand more from the world, including products that aren’t going to pollute our bodies. Our personal care items are made only with natural ingredients you can recognize. 

​It is also through this journey that we've discovered not only do we need to nourish our bodies, but our souls as well.  We provide spiritual wares and intuitive services that we hope will make your heart sing as much as ours!  We are so excited to be sharing this with the world and hope you love it as much as our family and community do.


Everyone at New Earth

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​Julie Litz is the owner of NEW EARTH  and co-founder of QUINTESSENCE NETWORK.  Through her journeys which included a severe health crisis, she has developed a passion for clean living.  She is also an intuitive empath, channel for spirit and a natural healer.  She had combined these two passions to create high vibrational personal care products for everyone.  She shares her passions with the world with the intention of helping others expand, grow and live healthier higher quality lives.  

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