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Intuitive Reading & Energy Healing

(Remote Service)

Whether you feel uncertain about your life path, need to release blocked energy, working through a hardship, want to activate your highest potential, or are just looking for a little clarity, intuitive healing may be for you.

Intuitive healing is different for everyone. Often it can help you to process, release or transmute energy on mental, emotional and physical levels.  Intuitive readings are different from many psychic readings in that they do not necessarily (but can at times) reveal the past or potential future, but rather reading a person's individual energy field.

Information about your field may help you understand things like negative patterns in your life, why a particular illness is manifesting, your life path and most importantly your own strengths, gifts and abilities that you may use to aid yourself on your journey. 

​This listing provides remote intuitive reading and healing, usually lasting around 60 minutes.  Send any information you feel is important to share with me about why you are seeking a healing session (or not).  I record any information I receive from spirit and relay them to you in a detailed letter.  I will send appropriate healing energy to you as well as ask your guides to continue the work after the session has closed.  Any questions about your reading are welcome and feedback is always appreciated.

$77 per session

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