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​Julie Litz is the owner of NEW EARTH  and co-founder of QUINTESSENCE NETWORK.  In her early 20's she developed multiple autoimmune illnesses which resulted in a severe health crisis.  Through this experience she has learned that both body and spirit must be cared for together.  This means eliminating the toxins we put in and on our bodies as well as care for our minds and souls.  She has developed a passion for clean living and has brought an energetic healing aspect to everything she creates.  Julie is also an intuitive empath, channel for spirit and a natural healer.  She began her healing career as a level 2 Reiki practitioner, and over time has developed a strong connection with spirit who now guides her healing work.  Under the direction of spirit, healing sessions might include the breath, Reiki, guided visualization, channeled information or touch.  She had combined these two passions to create high vibration products and provide spiritually and energetically uplifting resources for all.  She shares her passions with the world with the intention of helping others expand, grow and live healthier, higher quality lives.  

Julie Litz

A Message From Julie:
Mind, body and soul are intimately connected.  Without the health of one, the others suffer.  Intuitive services offer assistance in connecting to who you truly are.  It can assist in overcoming self limiting beliefs and redirect your life.  By offering spiritual tools and information from spirit which allows you to heal and transform yourself on a deeper level, you can change your own life and consciously create an abundant and satisfying experience.  Take control of your reality by examining your personal roadblocks and strengthening your spiritual connection.  
I invite you to  create a joyful and rewarding journey.
With Much Love,

Services Offered:
Intuitive Reading & Energy Healing

$55 per session (Remote Service)
This is a remote service lasting approximately 60 minutes.  All information is typed in a letter and either e-mailed or physically mailed to you.



Channeled Healing Session & Written Message From Spirit
$77 (Remote Service) 
This is a remote service lasting approximately 90 minutes.  All information is typed in a letter and either e-mailed or physically mailed to you.


Chakra Clearing and Balancing 
$33 Remote Service, approx. 45 minute session.

All information is typed in a letter and either e-mailed or physically mailed to you.


Letter From Your Spirit Guides 
$44 per letter
All information is typed in a letter and either e-mailed or physically mailed to you.

Distant Reiki Healing

$44 per 30 minute session

$77 per 60 minute session

Remote Service.  All information is typed in a letter and either e-mailed or physically mailed to you.


Merchandise & Digital Products

Ways book a service:

Please review our CANCELLATION POLICY before booking. 

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The healing session I received from Julie was so beautiful and elegant in the phrases that she used. It was exactly what I needed to get some profound shifts that I’ve been stuck on for a while. I only talked about one aspect of what I’ve been working on, but she mentioned 4 distinct areas that I have felt strongly for a while. I found myself dancing out in public several times today without realizing that I’d started. So much movement in so many ways. Grateful is not a strong enough word.

~Suzi C.

Julie has such a warm spirit, and I am so grateful we connected! I thoroughly enjoyed my message and resonated with every aspect of it. She has such a gift of tapping into the unseen and bringing forth the wisdom needed in that moment. Thank you for sharing this gift with me and helping my spirit evolve along with humanity. So much love for you!

~Caitlin L.

I began my day out of sorts, and by the afternoon when I was receiving my session, I felt clear, calm, and totally peaceful. The intuitive guidance and the spiritual messages I received are giving me a lot to ponder, but they resonate deeply. Thank you so much Julie for your support! I feel it in every cell of my body and my Being.

~Jamie F.

Julie provided a very insightful spirit message. She definitely has the juju. I recommend her services. Thank you, Julie!

~Thomas O.

Julie was very friendly and the accuracy of her intuitive reading was astounding! Highly recommended.

~Bill W.

Testimonial Anchor

Legal Disclaimer: 
By scheduling the services of Julie Litz, you agree that you have read and understand that all information is subject to the service recipient’s interpretation. Julie Litz, will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings. These readings/healing sessions are for entertainment purposes only. All information and/or advice given to you by Julie Litz, should not take the place of any medical, legal or financial advice given to you by any qualified professional.
Energy work is solely an individual’s perception of their own experiences. Energy healing treatments are not a substitute for traditional medical treatment. Information provided on this website is not designed to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. It is important not to have expectations about the outcome of receiving Reiki or any energy healing treatments and to know that your healing may take place in a subtle and unexpected way. 
You must be 18 years of age to use these services, or have written consent from a parent or legal guardian.

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