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Letter From Your Spirit Guides

Messages from your spirit guides are personal messages for you. They are what you need to hear most at that moment. They empower you, clarify your path and your purpose. Receiving messages from spirit are appropriate when you feel uncertain about your future or your purpose, if you feel stuck and need to move forward or simply want to gain some clarity and momentum on your spiritual journey. 

Messages vary for each individual, but very often touch a person on a soul level. They can help you process, release or transmute energy. It often allows you, the individual, to heal yourself or release blockages that may be keeping you stuck in a negative pattern and they always provide inspiration, encouragement and supporting love.

There is no number of words, only the message you are meant to receive. Send a specific question you would like to ask or if you do not have one, I will simply ask "What guidance can you provide [Your Name] with that they need to hear most right now?" I record any information I receive and relay it to you in a detailed letter. If you do choose to send a question, please do not frame it in the "Should I... or What will happen if.. " format. This is not fortune telling or prophecy, but rather divine guidance.   Divine guidance is positive and uplifting, speaking to us on a soul level, very often giving us that encouragement or clarity we seek to keep us moving forward.


Upon booking you will receive an automatic link containing purchase confirmation and listing information.  Your personal message will be sent once your session is complete.

$44 per written letter.
Letters can be e-mailed or physically mailed.  Please indicate your preference.

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